Bird's" nest`, Bird's-nest (?), n.


The nest in which a bird lays eggs and hatches her young.

2. Cookery

The nest of a small swallow (Collocalia nidifica and several allied species), of China and the neighboring countries, which is mixed with soups.

⇒ The nests are found in caverns and fissures of cliffs on rocky coasts, and are composed in part of algae. They are of the size of a goose egg, and in substance resemble isinglass. See Illust. under Edible.

3. Bot.

An orchideous plant with matted roots, of the genus Neottia (N. nidus-avis.)

Bird's-nest pudding, a pudding containing apples whose cores have been replaces by sugar. -- Yellow bird's nest, a plant, the Monotropa hypopitys.


© Webster 1913.

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