1944- Born in Panama. Considered the difinitive Jazz-Fusion percussionist of the 70's.

Played with Miles Davis both before and on the Bitches Brew album. It was through his work with Miles that Billy met John McLaughlin. Became famous by being a member of the original Mahavishnu Orchestra from 1971-73. One of the only drummers to ever set out on a solo careeer, 1973 forward, and get very far. He produced a number of albums, including:

He played on a number of albums with Jan Hammer.

I was a big fan for some time. I used to have many of the titles above. One day someone broke into my vehicle and stole my whole collection. At the time I didn't have the funds to replace it. This was a great blow indeed.

Other Jazz-Fusion artists:

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Source: http://www.billycobham.com/ My own record collection in days of yore Last Updated 06.01.04

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