'Sports Guy' Bill Simmons is a popular writer for ESPN.com's Page 2 and ESPN: The Magazine. His musings range from thoughts about his favorite sports teams to ramblings about pop culture references. Easily the most popular writer on ESPN.com, a favorite feature in his columns is his mailbag, where he publishes funny email from his readers, alongside his hilarious retorts. Aside from numerous references to Beverly Hills 90210 and Karate Kid, he is also famous for the Ewing Theory.

Simmons' career first gained prominence while he was running his 'Boston Sports Guy' website. In 2001, he was signed up to write by ESPN for Page 2 and later, the magazine. His popularity soared and in 2002, Simmons announced that he was moving to Los Angeles to pursue a writing career with Jimmy Kimmel's new show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

While he still maintained a writing presence for ESPN, his fans decried the lack of new content from Simmons. Recently, to the delight of his fans, he announced that he had left Jimmy Kimmel, and that we will be seeing more of his writing at Page 2.

His columns can be viewed at http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/archive?columnist=simmons_bill&root=page2

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