A derivative of the KitKat ... a chocolate covered wafer confection. The original KitKats are about 1 cm wide and 6 cm long. The BigKat is 2.5 cm wide and about 10 cm long ... a significant increase. Otherwise it tastes exactly the same.

Manufactured by the H.B. Reese company in Hershey, Pennsylvania

The BigKat solves on of the major problems of the KitKat...that, despite the fact that the KitKat bar had a unique taste, and snapping it apart is fun, it just wasn't filling psychologically. While the BigKat is probably about the same weight in grams as a KitKat, it has a big, square shape that you can fill your mouth up with. In other words, by changing the shape and size, they move the bar on the candy bar continuum from being a confection to being a snack.

The only problem with the BigKat is that you can't snap it in half like a KitKat, and you can't share it with a friend with quite the same amount of fun.

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