The one day a year you can put bulky junk and as much garbage as you want out on the curb for the authorities to haul away. A good opportunity to find or to discard worn-out furniture, or to pick up raw materials for art projects or building your robot army. You can learn a lot about your neighbors on Big Trash Day, but it usually raises as many questions as it answers.

In bigger U.S. cities every day of summer is a big trash day in at least one neighborhood. To discourage scavengers many cities try to keep the big trash day schedule somewhat secret. The big trash day master schedule is not available to the general public. Residents are notified of their neighborhood's upcoming big trash day via postcard a few weeks in advance.

AKA: Bulky Waste Day

Here's a bad haiku with a Big Trash Day theme. I wrote it for a girlfriend one National Bad Poetry Day (August 18):

    Meeting you was like
    finding a brand new futon,
    curbside, big trash day.
I know that haiku should not be romantic love poems, but this is a bad haiku.

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