The Big Stik is one model of the Stik series of R/C airplanes manufactured by the Great Planes company. These airplanes were designed and introduced in the early 90's, though this type of plane has been around since modelers have increased in number and begun to experiment with their own designs, starting in the 40's and 50's. The Big Stik is used mainly for aerobatic flying and has speed advantages of other planes because of it's more aerobatic wing design. This plane can be built or bought in either the .40 size or .60 size, and also in kit form or in an ARF (almost ready to fly). These planes can be setup with either tricycle or taildragger landing gears. The two sizes, .40 and .60, are determined by the engine size. .40/.60 meaning .40/.60 cubic inches. These engines are two-stroke, although four-stroke engines can be used in these airplanes.


.40 size

Wingspan: 59" (1500mm)
Wing Area: 757sq in (48.8sq dm)
Weight: 6.5 - 7lbs (2.94 - 3.17kg)
Wing Loading: 19.8 - 21.3oz/sq ft (50 - 65g/sq dm)
Length: 51" (1295mm)
Airfoil: Fully-Symmetrical High Wing
Center of Gravity: 3.35" (95mm) Back from the wing's leading edge
Control Throws- High Rate Low Rate
Elevator: Up & Down .75" (19mm) .62" (16mm)
Rudder: Right to Left 1.61" (41mm) 1.00" (25mm)
Ailerons: Up & Down 0.86" (22mm) .62" (16mm)

.60 size

Wingspan: 66.5 in (1689mm)
Wing Area: 1000 sq in (64.5dm2)
Length: 59 in (1499mm)
Wing Loading: 15oz/sq ft (45.7g/dm2)
Weight: 6.5lbs.(2.95kg)
Airfoil: Fully-Symmetrical High-Wing
Engine: .60-.91 2-stroke (10.0-15.0cc) or .91-1.20 (15.0-50.0cc) 4 stroke
Radio: 4 to 5 channel radio with 5 standard servos.
Throws: Ele 1/2" up & down CG: 4-1/8" aft of LE @ fuse Rud 1-1/4" left & right Ail 5/16" up & down

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