The highlight of Saturday morning for anyone fortunate enough to have grown up in the 70s/80s.

A typical tag match would consist of

Giant Haystacks and $TOKEN_EVIL_WRESTLER ($TEW)

and was almost guaranteed to run like this:

  • The two $TOKENS... fight each other.
  • $TGW appears to be winning, when Giant Haystacks distracts the referee by a cunning 'oh, look.. a pound' ruse.
  • He then proceeds to jump in the ring alongside $TEW, and give $TGW a thorough pasting: Chinese burns, the works. The referee is, of course, oblivious to this, being blind (as all referees are).
  • At the last possible moment, $TGW manages to tag Big Daddy.
  • Big Daddy opens the largest can of whup-ass you've seen in, oh, a week.
    This mainly consists of him picking up $TEW and throwing him into the crowd, where little old ladies and small children wreak terrible vengeance on behalf of $TGW - hair pulling and slapping, mostly.
  • Big Daddy faces up to Giant Haystacks, growling like a cornered grizzly. He then unleashes the most devastating attack in history: The Big Daddy Belly Bump.
  • This consists of Big Daddy running at his opponent and throwing his enormous stomach out.
    The target always falls over, out cold. Guaranteed.
  • Big Daddy now walks in triumph around the ring, chanting "Easy..Easy...". The chant is taken up by the crowd. We cut back to two perfectly respectable sports presenters, who sit and discuss this as though it was a perfectly normal way to spend a morning.
And that, my friends, is entertainment.

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