Album of songs by Bill Bailey, a musical comedian that had been touring clubs and festivals for seven years with this multi-award-winning material before it's release. Long-awaited is mildly understated.

Surreal is probably the best way to describe Bill's music, mixing pairs of musical styles for comedy effect, such as well-known classical pieces with the kind of cheeky Cockney piano riffs that made Chas and Dave so popular(ish). The album highlights, however, go to the live favourites Insect Nation (a fear-of-the-future sci-fi warning about humans becoming slaves to insects and featuring the lyric "Spiders are not insects, but in a war they'd probably side with the insects") and the prog-rock classic, Leg Of Time.

Track listing:

  1. Insect Nation
  2. Gwydion & The Druid - Chapter 1
  3. Richard Clayderman plays Three Blind Mice
  4. Unisex Chip Shop (Tribute to Billy Bragg)
  5. Scooby Doo
  6. Sirens
  7. Jean-Michel Jarre
  8. Hats Off To The Zebras (celebrating Bryan Adams)
  9. Phillip Glass plays Pop Goes The Weasel
  10. Foxhunting
  11. Tom Waits plays Three Blind Mice
  12. Leg Of Time
  13. Classical Cockney
  14. Chaucer Pubbe Gagge
  15. Medieval Porn
  16. Gwydion & The Druid - Chapter 2
  17. Doctor Qui
  18. Cockney Medley
  19. Beautiful Ladies (in honour of Chris De Burgh)
  20. Gwydion & The Druid - Chapter 47

It was recorded in just twelve hours during his 2000 tour of the UK in a studio in Hammersmith, West London while, according to rumours, Chris De Burgh worked in the adjacent studio, spending a whole four days putting his own album together.

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