A small, wealthy municipality carved out of the city of Los Angeles, California, between Westwood (UCLA) on the west and Hollywood to the east. Crawling with cops, tourists and people looking to make a fast buck.

The schools are considered superior to the L.A. schools, and Beverly Hills addresses are big deal.

A quick tour through the residential areas will convince you that the architects were mostly drug addicts themselves.

Before there was Beverly Hills, it was called El Rancho de las Aguas. This is simple: It was part of an old Spanish land grant. But what about it's modern name?

When Burton E. Green founded the town in 1906, he decided to (greedily) use "Beverly" from the Beverly Farms in Massachusetts, the retreat of the soon-to-be President, Howard Taft.

The "Hills" part of the name is trickier, however. Although some believe that it is an obvious allusion to the rolling hils that the town lies on.

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