Character from Charles Dickens' novel "David Copperfield". Betsey is an old lady with strict, but kind, principles who takes her nephew David and saves him from the clutches of Mr. Murdstone and his sister. She lives with a Mr Dick, who appears to be suffering from a mental disorder of some kind, possibly schizophrenia. Mr Dick has delusions involving King Charles, and it is interesting to note that Miss Trotwood has some very progressive ideas about mental health. She says of Mr Dick's ideas about King Charles that they are:

"...his allegorical way of expressing it. He connects his illness with great disturbance and agitation, naturally, and that's the figure or the simile or whatever it's called which he chooses to use."

This clearly shows a notion popularised by R. D. Laing a century later, that delusional ideas are metaphors expressing some aspect of the sufferers experience. Well done Dickens !

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