Jim and Bob were two regular guys. They were close to each other, having been born from the same cloud, going through the same changes in life, like falling from hundreds of feet and crashing into the earth. They filtered their way through thick and thin, through stone and soil, working hard to reach the same place.

They were older now; more mature, and in a safe place. They had families, jobs and responsibilities. Of course, the whole pool did, but each drop of that pool felt just as proud and unique as the rest. Jim and Bob were no different, and had felt comfortable with who they were.

Friends came and went; acquaintances and co-workers were there and gone. That was the nature of their lives, and everyone in the pool knew it. Whether or not they accepted it, all their lives were in place for the greater good. Someday, thought Jim and Bob, it would be their turn, and they would be gone, honoring their families and working towards their true goal.

One day, it happened. Jim and Bob, side by side as they had always been, felt the pull from their task. They were swept away in it, racing faster and faster, hundreds of neighbors and strangers following suit. Faster they went, shooting towards the dark sky, approaching a great white light that was the bane of their existance. The air and pressure around them produced a stifling heat, searing their every molecule. Jim and Bob, friends, employees, fathers... about to meet their destiny.

The light was closer than ever. The two friends split up for the second time in their lives, each taking a different path. Jim took the high path, while Bob veered low, through the pressured crowd. Within seconds, the two burst forth from the crowd, singular and perfect, clear and hot, raining down on the being below.

It was magical, and the two friends slammed into their target, dripping down her neck, racing faster and faster against each other. Bob rolled quickly down the bicep, while Jim took the spinal route. They exhaled in joy as they felt their mass drop towards their new home.

She turned quickly, throwing Bob against the cold, massive tile wall. The cold filtered through him immediately, and he could see others flying his way. Jim was already near the knees, and Bob hurried to keep pace, flying down the tile towards the floor below.

Finally, they both reached their target, crashing into thousands of their own kin. Jim and Bob somehow found each other before the darkness returned. Staying close to each other, they rode the crowd's current to the bottom of the darkness, slamming into a mess of filters and copper.

After the speed had died, and the pool reformed, Jim and Bob flowed towards each other, aware of the journey that they had just arrived from. Proud, honored and soapy, they headed towards their new home, side by side, as it once was before.

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