An Israeli rock musician and singer. Began his career in the early eighties new wave band Minimal Compact which also featured Rami Fortis, another Israeli rocker. The band had major indie success in USA college radio and in Europe, especially Belgium. After the band broke up, Berry and Rami released several records under the name Fortisakharof and in 1992 parted their ways. Berry released four solo albums to date:

  1. Hakol O Klum (All or Nothing) - 1991
  2. Simanim Shel Khulsha (Signs of Weakness) - 1993
  3. Kham `Al Hayareakh (Calor en la Luna) - 1995
  4. N'gioth (Touches) - 1998

He also composed the soundtracks for the Israeli films "Klara Haqdosha" and "L'neged `Eynayim Ma`araviyot", produced other Israeli artists, including Sadraney Hadeshe' and The Tructor Revenge, and participated as a guitar player on albums by Arkadi Dukhin, Eran Zur, Bikini, Yossi Elephant and others.

Though an underdog until about mid-nineties, today (late nineties, early zeroes), Berry became one of Israel's leading rock musicians, attaining both commercial and artistic success. His live shows are very intense and he has a strong cult following.

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