Canadian politician, accountant and lawyer born on march 9th 1937 in Joliette, Quebec. Member since 1970 of the famous separatist canadian party, the Parti Québécois, Bernard Landry became Quebec's prime minister on march 8th 2001, succeeding Lucien Bouchard.

He does have the qualification for being a prime minister, but sadly, being a lawyer and an accountant, his political alignment is unmistakably the right. He's also giving an important place to his dream of winning the Quebec independence battle, forgetting the real needs of his population.

Political Highlights
  • Executive secretary for the Human Workers Rights Comitee.
  • Vice president of the Parti Québécois from 1989 to 1994.
  • Vice prime minister from september 26th 1994 to december 15th 1998.
  • Minister of treasure from december 15th 1998 to march 8th 2001.
  • Prime minister and president of the Parti Québécois since march 8th 2001.
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