A small island off the coast of Portugal, 11 km away from the town of Peniche. Part of the Berlengas archipelago, together with the Farilhões, Estelas, and Forcadas islands, Berlenga is about 800 m long by 1.5 km wide, and has a maximum altitude of 85 meters. It consists entirely of pink granite.

Many thousands of seagulls live on Berlenga, as well as several rabbits and a handfull of rats. There are a score of huts for fishermen who sleep there between days fishing, an ancient fort, and a small hotel. A beautiful beach is nestled in between the cliffs adjacent to the fishermen's huts, drawing a steady stream of summer tourists, as well as a famous cave called the Cave of Dreams. Occasionally phosphorescent algae mobs the ocean, creating fabulous night-time displays.

Camping permits are available from the tourist center in Peniche.

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