Ben Burtt (b. 1948) is an audio engineer and sound designer for the film industry. His most famous creations are recognizable to most modern Westerners: he is responsible for most of the iconic sounds from the Star Wars films. This includes the lightsaber sound, the various permutations of blasters firing, the TIE fighter howl, and Darth Vader's breathing. He is credited with moving science fiction films away from sterile electronic noises to a richer palette of synthesized, 'found' and mixed audio. He was responsible for the 'voice' of R2-D2 - and after director Andrew Stanton told Pixar "I want somebody awesome. Somebody like Ben Burtt," they said "Uh, well, why don't we just call Ben Burtt? We're Disney, we can do that." Thus, he lent his talents to not just one iconic robot, but two, adding WALL-E to his repertoire.

Ben Burtt appeared in a cameo in Return of the Jedi as the officer in the Endor bunker who tells the encroaching Rebels to 'Freeze!' I can't remember if this is the same character that uttered the awesome line "You Rebel Scum."

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