The Belgaum Fort is located in Belgaum, Karnataka in India. The fort is said to be one of the oldest monuments in Karnataka. It was built in the 13th century by Jai Raya. It was built originaly of stone and of mud. The fort is known for its religious diversity, where mosques and temples exist together. The fort actually has two mosques, the most-well known one being the Safa Masjid. The Safa Masjid is the main attraction at the fort and it is also the mosque that serves the entire city of Belgaum. The fort features two shrines at the entrance way. One is for Shri Ganapathi, and the other is for Durga, a goddess. The staircases and doorways feature exquisite carvings. Nagari and Persian inscriptions are to be found all around the fort. The type of architecture is Indo-Saracenic and Deccan. During the period of British rule in India, the Belgaum Fort is where Mahatma Gandhi was imprisioned.

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