Beginning of the German kingdom

One can begin the history of Germany with the partition of the Frankish kingdom. The Frankish kingdom has grown immensely during the regency of Karl der Große. It now consisted of the main parts of todays France, Germany, Italy and nearly any other country in Central Europe. After his death the kingdom was split up into two parts: the west-Frankish kingdom, which is the predecessor of todays France and the east-Frankish kingdom which became Germany. This process was done in 3 steps, the so called Reichsteilungen. They were in Verdun (843), Meerssen (870) and Ribemont (880).
In 911 the east-Frankish tribes (they were not known as German or Deutsch at that moment) elect a king: Konrad I.. With this action the part from the Frankish kingdom was complete, and it was said that the east-Frankish kingdom is inseperable.
Since the 11. century there has been the concept of a German Kingdom (Deutsches Reich, later referred to by the Nazis to name their " Reich" the third one).

If any of the given information is wrong please / msg me. I checked them but there still might be some errors.
Where Kingdom is said you can replace it with Empire, as the translation could not be exact. But I thought Empire fits better for Great Britain, so I choose Kingdom.
The term "Reich" isn't a invention of the Nazis, but it is a normal German term used to describe a monarchy. The Nazis borrowed it, to give their regime a historical touch.

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