Attitude taken towards sex by both males (who do the begging) and females (who can't be seen to want sex)

Derives from a Puritan belief that sex is wrong, dirty and a sin. Therefore society brainwashes men into thinking that sex is something that women need to be tricked into consenting to. Women are indoctrinated with the meme that all men are using trickery to get them into bed.

Also a reactive, defeatist and quick-fix attitude for men: "If I have sex with that woman, then my life will be better". If only guys (a category that I fall into) would understand that they will be much happier if they lose the trickery/sin attitude towards sex and replace it with one of cooperation with women towards love and mutual respect

The moral? Relax dudes! :-D

Part of a continuing downward spiral in dating and relationship activity in the modern western world, in which both sexes continue to play into gender stereotypes, and in doing so, reinforce said stereotypes.

This includes the idea that men want sex and women don't want sex. The idea that two people can only have a successful relationship if they follow certain rules, including: wait at least two days to call, never let the other person know how much you like them, play hard to get, and many other rules and games too numerous to list.

This atmosphere makes it difficult for two people who like each other to figure this out, and to act on it in what would seem to be a reasonable manner.

Instead, it promotes an environment in which men must constantly hit on women for dates, and then beg for sex at some point in the relationship. Women are then beset by large numbers of men, which they will inevitably come to find annoying, reinforcing their desire to turn these men away.

This, in turn, reinforces the man's understanding that he must be more bold (read: annoying) to capture the interest of a female, which is simply a precursor to begging for sex.

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