A while back, I got a message in my mailbox from an editor indicating that I should remove the intro that I had here originally. I'm a 'get-along' kinda guy, so I removed it. Recently I've had a spat of other concerned parties indicating that they weren't sure if I had ripped of someone else's work, and put it up here.

Okay, look. I will happily appease the editors and other do-gooders of E2, but I will not be hassled by the E2 man into removing an introduction, and adding one back. So, this is here to stay:

This is a chapbook that I wrote as my senior thesis for my undergraduate degree. Now, leave me in peace.

01. Lighting Effect
02. White Trash
03. Raving in Orlando I
04. Lean Into the Coma
05. Did You Fuck Her?
06. Skyline
07. Without Turning
08. The Gas Lamps
09. Sentimental Shit
10. Driving
11. Laundry Mark
12. The Romance
13. Asleep
14. The Misogynist
15. Bottles Like Promises
16. Before Choice Disturbs
17. Her Body Had Knots and Hollows
18. Buck-Fifty Coffee
19. Homecoming
20. Basement Apartment
21. Mouth
22. Drunken Whisper
23. In Defense of Education
24. Night Drives
25. Ad Copy
26. Fall
27. Raving in Orlando II
28. Deadbeat Daddy-O
29. Playground

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