Beethoven's 8th piano sonata (op. 13).

The first movement of the piece starts off on a VERY chilling C minor chord, followed by moments of silence. throughout the intro section of the first, a very small journey is taken with us, through the C minor triad, through various melodic overtones. The main theme begins, with counter-melodies for the bass and treble lines, as well as wonderful uses of accents (this was nice since the piano was brand new at the time, allowing more than the present harpsichord.) All the melodies repeat a few times, and race up to a finish.

The second movement is a very soft and poignant melody which slowly moves over some soft chords and stays in a wonderfully nice major key. After that, there's a little part (seems to ask a question in tonality) in a nice triplet fashion. The question gets answered with a nice climbing major-style melodic interlude before arriving at a peaceful ending.

Third movement to me seems like Tetris music to a point, because of its catchy rhythms as well as a runaround type melody. It seems to sum up the rest of the Sonata quite nicely, and ends on a chilling hard minor chord.

The name Pathetique derives from the word Pathos, which means full of emotion. Beethoven didn't call his Sonata pathetic.

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