A radio show that airs as part of the Westwood One radio network. The host of the show is Joe Johnson. The program airs on Sunday mornings on various oldies stations throughout the country. It is a good show for fans of the group, and offers a lot of insight. They have a seemingly bottomless library of clips of the boys and the people around them talking about various things.

Each show features a different theme. One week, for example, they focused on the making of Revolver. They played clips of The Beatles describing the naming of the album, and playing other takes of the various songs. A lot of times you can hear a lot of interesting stuff on the show. Plus, they often play sounds clips of interviews with other people, as well as providing a lot of information on the show. For example, they played a sound clip of an interview with George's sister about how she nursed him while he had a horrible case of strep throat before The Beatles went on The Ed Sullivan Show. And I also learned that 73 million people watched them that night, a record that stood for 20 years.

If you like the Beatles, you will like this show. Check out the website at www.beatlebrunch.com to find out if there is a station near you that carries it.

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