With the setting of the sun
The clouds turn mauve
The analogy's not lost on me
When the day has died and gone to rest
The sky bleeds
The fluffy crimson tendrils slip quietly
From the wound the mountains tore

From my perch upon the Beast
My gaze intent upon the Heavens wounds
I watch closely
In apprehension of the death
When the sky is gone the chill erupts

No light is left
Save for Beast's bright eyes
Blazing beams of energetic Hope
Cold fingers of Heavens passing
Crawl steadily upon my spine
Closer to my heart with each minutes passing

And yet, Beasts bright eyes still glare
Soon the Heavens shall be reborn

I cannot let the icy stillness
Gain entrance to my heart
Temptation runs it's course
Should I close Beast's eyes and let the chill intrude?
Is it worth my soul to wait for Heavens birth?

Temptation passes quickly

Beast's eye's shall never shut and I shall never rest
Forever I will wait
When Heaven is reborn in all her beauty
Then shall Beast's great eye's close
The chill dare not invade
When I'm protected by Heaven's warm gaze

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