....or, What Really Happened at Wolf 359

To the tune of Alan Menken's Be our Guest
Be our drone!
Be our drone!
There's no reason to postpone.
Please prepare your ship for boarding
Face it sir, your ship we own.

Please be calm,
There's no rush
We don't mean to cause a fuss.
Try your weapons
They are useless.
We've adapted!  Thanks, Locutus!

We are Borg
We insist
That you try not to resist.
Assimilation won't take long at all!
Go on, just try to get loose!
Face it, you're a cooked goose!
Be our drone
Yes, our drone
Be our drone!

We just want
You to be
Part of our technology.
We persist with our insistence
That futile is your resistance.

You can be
One of us
Now, c'mon, don't make a fuss.
You'll be half human, half machine
Pass the nanites, what a dream!

You will like
Being free from 
And you'll get a laser pointer certainly!
Come on surrender now
Or we will make you frown
Come, be our drone
Be our drone!
Be our drone!

Life is so distracting
For a Borg who's not reacting... 
Regenerating all those many years.
Ah, those good old days when we were dormant.
Suddenly those good old days are gone
Millenia we were waiting
Needing  just a little baiting.
Thanks to Q we have a chance to use our skills
Most days we just lay around the cube, here.
Flabby, fat and lazy
You walked in and oops-a-daisy! 

Be our drone
Be our drone
We request you take us home
So we can conquer all humanity!
Oh, it will be such fun
At Sector Oh Oh One
Be our drone
Be our drone
Be our drone,
Please, be our drone!

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