Multiplayer first person shooter produced by EA Games and released in 2003.

Like their successful Battlefield 1942 series, two teams (the United States army or the ARVN, versus the North Vietnamese army or Viet Cong) compete in different settings to capture and hold onto flags which causes their opponent to lose tokens. Soldiers can use tanks, boats, helicopters or jet fighters, although due to the limiting size of the battlefield pilots will spend most of the time flying around in circles, less they stray out of the area and get shot for desertion.

Missions take place in a variety of settings, including the towns of Hue and Quang Tri, the central highlands around Khe Sanh, along the Mekong river and skirting the Cambodian borders. EA Games has put more emphasis on rendering the terrain than in Battlefield 1942 - the foilage around the Ho Chi Minh trail is particuarly dense.

The other notable feature is the soundtrack, hit 'o' and you can go into battle listening to The Kinks, CCR or The Ride of the Valkyries. One shudders what a Battlefield Iraq might offer - Justin Timberlake ?

US/ARVN weapons

  • .357 Magnum
  • Car-15
  • M1 81mm mortar
  • Mossberg shotgun
  • M-60 machine gun
  • M-16 assult rifle
  • M-21 sniper rifle
  • XM148 grenade launcher
  • M72 LAW rocket launcher

    VC/NVA weapons

  • AK-47
  • AKMS
  • Bouncing Betty trip mines
  • Chicom SKS 56 assult rifle
  • M-91 sniper rifle
  • MAT 49 Mod submachine gun
  • RPD machine gun
  • RPG-2 rocket propelled grenade launcher
  • SA-7 heat-seeking missile
  • Tokarev TT33 pistol

    US/ARVN vehicles

  • Chinook helicopter
  • Phantom fighter
  • Corsair fighter
  • Sheridan tank
  • Patton tank
  • M110 Howitzer
  • M113 APC
  • MUTT jeep

    NVA/VC vehicles

  • Mi 8 helicopter
  • MiG 17 interceptor
  • MiG 21 interceptor
  • BM21 multiple missile calliope
  • BTR60 APC
  • PT-76 tank
  • PT-54 tank
  • ZSU72 motorised flak gun
  • UAZ 469 jeep
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