Online game in which the user creates a screen name and then "employs" faeries. The player names their faeries, trains their combat-related skills (Hit Points, Combat Ability and Defensive Ability) and equips them with weapons, armor and spells. There's something unnerving about seeing a team of five bloodthirsty fae armed with power armor and laser guns.

Following the patience-trying series of screen reloads involved in preparation, the player can send their team of homicidal elfkin to do battle with other players' teams, earning training points and money. Rinse and repeat ad nauseum. Eventually, experienced teams will wade into battle shielded by bunkers and armed with strategic defense satellites, or even the highly expensive but very effective Pandora's Box weapon.

In concept, BattleFaeries reminded me of Fairy Meat gone horribly awry. Fairy Meat, with its comical origins in the Knights of the Dinner Table comic by KenzerCo, remains an enjoyable tabletop game.

Give the game a shot if you have patience with monotonous action and tolerance for an endless series of tragically unoriginal faerie names.

BattleFaeries lurks online at

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