The Battle of Zurich went down while the French Revolutionary Wars were cooking, and resulted in the defeat of two Russian armies in June 1799 in the mountains near Zurich. This forced the Tsar to withdraw from the coalition against the French.

So whats the rest of the story?

The French had invaded Switzerland in 1798 and created the Helvetian Republic. Becuase of this the Archduke Charles Louis of the Holy Roman Empire, which was niether holy, Roman nor an empire, led a coalition army into Switzerland and defeated the French who fell under Marshal Andre Massena.

Fast forward a few months and the Archduke takes ill and the Russian General Alexander Korsakov enters Switzerland with 30,000 Russian troops to take over command of the coalition troops there. At the same time the Russian Marshal Alexei Suvarov, based in northern Italy, sets out across the St Gotthard Pass to join Korsakov, bringing another 40,000 troops.

Massena sends a corps of troops to mess with Suvarov in the mountains, then turns his main strength on Korsakov, defeating him and scattering his army.

He then turns and attacks Suvarov, who retreats, harassed by ambushes and short of supplies. Suvarov returns to Italy leaving about 14,000 casualties behind him.

And now you know the rest of the story.

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