First off let me assure you that this is not an attempt at humour by me. Everything in this node is factual.

I meandered into the computer section of the new gigantic electronics store near my house while waiting for my girlfriend to finish lurking around the dvd section. I thought I'd check out some of the game software on offer. This being Japan and all there was quite a selection of H games. Imagine my surprise when I stumble upon "Battle raper".

Obstensibly a fighting game where both protagonists are young busty young girls in costume. You can choose the school uniform, the OL, the miniskirt policewoman among others. (I didn't buy the thing so I don't know all the choices) On the front cover is an illustration of, suprisingly enough, a girl having her blouse ripped off by an unseen assailant. Big letters point out the main features of the game.

  • Strip her with blows!!
  • The winner gets to rape the loser!
  • (How the winner inexplicably becomes a man is unclear)
  • Jiggle her breasts and humiliate her!(quite common in Japanese porn, accompanied by taunts of "hora hooora" (look at these, loooook at theeeese!")) (Under this caption it shows how to manipulate the PS1 or PS2 joysticks to make the "hands" rotate and jiggle the girl's breasts
On the back cover the illustrations are even more explicit/disturbing. digital penetration, faces dripping in "men's white water" and that omni-present ping-pong ball with holes in it(!!??)

I'm too astonished to make a social comment on this.

At the very bottom right corner of the back of the box, in the smallest writing possible is the disclaimer. "Rape is a crime, don't commit it."

Below is the url to the maker'ssite with pictures of some of the fighters, no offensive pictures.

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