Real name, Sebastian Vittorini, a UK alternative cabaret artist. His act includes lifting weights with body piercings, hammering nails into his nostrils, and sword swallowing. He performs his act naked apart from boxer shorts and a fez.

His catchphrases (all uttered in his broad Welsh accent) include:
  • Check it!!! - on leaping into the crowd for them to check his sword blades.
  • Yes... Real as fuck - on the audience member confirming it's a real blade.
He has a number of specialities including:
  • Swallowing multiple swords.
  • Swallowing handle-less swords, then standing normally again with them inside him.
  • Swallowing a lit neon tube - the light can be seen inside him.
Slogan: See him while you can; Chances are he won't live very long.

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