Funk-jazz-rap crossover band from Denton who cut their teeth on Fry Street and in the Dallas club scene. Got together in 1993, cut an album in 1994, enjoyed success in Texas until 1996, moved to New York City to do an album for Atlantic Records in 1997. Then the deal fell through, they lost the contract, broke up, and I next saw them at Fry Street Fair in 1999 selling their equipment for food and rent.

The one album they did actually release, Thick, was independantly released by Alamo Pipe, cul de sac music, and Stank Booty Productions in 1995. It was mastered and manufactured at Crystal Clear Sound. Track list:

  1. (What's Wrong With) Dat?
  2. Dark Desert Hwy
  3. Watsamatta
  4. If You Want To
  5. Bendonesia
  6. Kazak
  7. Ranchstyle Chitlins
  8. Rigamarole
  9. Stick and Move
  10. Roman Orgy
  11. Another Hit

Band members are:
  • Ben Bocardo - bass, keyboard, trumpet, triangle
  • Chill EV - guitar, slide guitar, keyboard
  • Camilla "Slamilla" Harris - Drums*
  • Snika G - words, sleigh bells, whistles
  • Da Kid Homeslice - words, samples

  • DJ Spinn waxes and maims on tracks 4, 6 and 9
  • Rob Avsharin gives phat skin on tracks 7 and 9
  • Aaron Crouch vibes out on track 5
  • Dave Monsch blows up on tracks 6, 8, and 10
  • Clark Erickson goes psychopiano on track 10

If you like jazz, funk, or rap with funny lyrics, these guys are for you. I'm gonna transcribe some of the lyrics and get them up here, because it just has to be done. The catalogue info to order it from your local good record store is:

Alamo Pipe High Fidelity Recordings
#: AP-2-1003

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