An NES sports title. This game pretty much set the standard for early baseball games. I also experienced the funniest thing I've ever seen in a video game while playing it ... Some background info. After someone strikes out the walked back to the dugout with the bat on their shoulder looking as pathetic as a little pixel person can. At the end of an inning the team that just batted walks into the outfield. Ok, so there were two outs and I was pitching. I threw the ball and he tipped it with his bat. The ball flew directly backwards into the catcher's mitt so that when the scene switched from the pitching view to the baseball field view it only appeared for like one second and the announcer said "out!". It then went to the inbetween innings scene except that only one player was walking towards the outfield. He had the bat over his shoulder and the ball was rotating on his head! I guess we were in a weird mood because we couldn't contain ourselves for like an hour afterwards. We spent the next week trying to recreate this but never could. Man, those were exciting times.

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