America's drug czar since 1995; so fanatical, all but the most strident anti-drug figures found room for disagreement. McCaffrey has just announced his resignation, effective 6 January 2001.

Among McCaffrey's exploits are: steadfast opposition to voter-approved medical marijuana and industrial hemp cultivation; sneaky and underhanded attempts to bribe TV, film, and printed media into including anti-drug propaganda; hiding tracking cookies on the Office of National Drug Control Policy website; exaggerating survey data on teen drug use to the media and to Congress, in order to paint a more compelling picture; prevention of any useful and fair medical study of illegal drugs (allowing only those "experiments" which would further his cause); and of course, ever-increasing arrests of nonviolent drug offenders. McCaffrey also has denied the vast majority of requests to justify his statistics and sweeping proclamations.

A lying prick who won't be missed by anyone with a dimebag's worth of gray matter.

It should be pointed out that McCaffrey closed his career as the Drug Czar by issuing One Last Lie: In his resignation statement, he pointed out that he's devoted his career to drug prevention and he hopes the next guy will do the same. Yeah, well, his budget for law enforcement was three times bigger than that for preventative and rehabilitational efforts combined. When the head of the Washington, DC-based Marijuana Policy Project was asked what he thought a good send-off for McCaffrey would be, he commented, "hari-kari".

So yeah, I'm glad this worthless dishonest demon-asshole fuckwit piece o' crap is leaving, too.

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