The barbarians that lived outside the borders of the Roman Empire often launched raids on Roman territory. These came to nothing but in 367BC a different attack took place.

In the summer of that year the barbarians of the north formed an alliance. The savage Picts launched themselves against Hadrian's Wall. Many forts were overrun and their garrisons put to the sword. The Roman military commander of Britain was surrounded and cut off. At the same time Irish raiders sailed across the Irish Sea to plunder the west coast of Britain. Even more serious attacks launched by the Franks and Saxons in the Channel and North Sea. They eliminated the Roman fleet.

Within a short time, Roman military control in Britain and northern Gaul had been destroyed. The various bands of barbarians could now roam at will through the countryside. They pillaged villages, robbed temples and carried people off as slaves.

It took nearly two years to push the barbarians back and restore peace. The Barbarian Conspiracy of 367BC was a major blow to the Roman Empire.

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