Products: fresh food, drinks
Location: 44 O'Connell Street, North Adelaide, South Australia
Established: 2003
Owner: Tony Greven
Prices: decent
Seating: (approx.) 32 indoors, 16 outdoors
Smoking: outdoors
Open: 24/7
Contact: +61 8 8361 7377
Logo: white horizontal bar with brown positive sloped stripe

Perhaps the most striking thing about this bakery is that it never closes. Well, except like, Australia Day when being open for business is insulting to the fact that this fine country exists. Situated in North Adelaide, Bakery On O'Connell is nestled amongst luscious flora, dry horse paddocks, and some of Adelaide's best wining and dining spots. Inside, the venue is spacious and almost dimly lit. A table stretches down the centre of the room, piled with bread, buns, and biscuits, a container of cutlery and serviettes sits at the end. The atmosphere is pleasant, despite any implication from the opening hours that this is a nightclub. An FM radio plays Triple M softly in the background of kitchen noises and customer chatter. Warmth and cold radiate inversely from glass fridges and ovens that are the counter. An open-front self-serve fridge stands against the back wall, filled with slices, tarts, pies, and cakes. Along the part of the left wall is a drinks fridge sporting FUIC to Solo. Wallet's empty? There's an ATM next to the fridge. The stairwell to the dance studio upstairs narrows the room slightly here, before we come to three internet cafe for tourists to contact home from.

Staff are friendly, providing table service to delivery your latte whether inside or out. Yes, they'll even bring their sausage rolls to your business function if desired. Though the proprietor is rarely to be seen on the premises, don't be surprised if manager Shane makes the run himself. The service is fast regardless of the time of day or night, and you don't have to pay a fortune for it either. Word of mouth knowledge of the bakery is shallow but widespread amongst Adelaideans, but it's a place oft overlooked. Needing a pie at 3am, somewhere to celebrate finishing the last of your end of year exams, a lunch stop as an out of towner, or somewhere to have coffee with that special someone? The Bakery On O'Connell could be what you're looking for.

This writeup brought to you as an Adelaide's Best Places To Eat You Probably Didn't Know About document by Scout.

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