Baizhang Huaihai (Pai-chang Huai-hai, Hyakujo Ekai), 720-814. Dazhi (Tao-chih) is a posthumous title. A Dharma-heir of Mazu Daoyi. His Dharma-heirs include Guishan Lingyu and Huangbo. Baizhang is credited with having created the basis for the shingi or rules of deportment used today in Zen monasteries. His teachings and sayings have been translated in The Zen Teaching of Huai-Hai on Sudden Illumination by John Blofeld, Rider and Co., 1962 and Sayings and Doings of Pai-Chang by Thomas Cleary, Center Publications, 1978. Yunyan Tansheng studied with Baizhang for twenty years and left to go and study with Yaoshan after Baizhhang’s death on the advice of Daowu. He appears in Blue Cliff Records 26, 53, 70, 71, 72, Records of Silence 8, and Gateless Gate 2, 40. See Dogen's Shinjin Gakudo, Chiji Shingi.

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