Bad Libs #1, A Homocide Note

  • Persons name
  • Adjective
  • Type of celestial body
  • Noun (Animal)
  • Noun
  • Verb
  • Adjective
  • Verb ending in -ing
  • Container
  • Country
  • Different persons name

    (Scroll Down)

      Dear      Persons name     ,

    You are a fucking      adjective     . I cannot believe that I have to share the same      Type of celestial body      as you. I pine for moment of your demise and often contemplate bringing your sad existence to a premature end by sicking my rabid pet      Noun (animal)      on your fucking ass.

    If you had any idea how unpleasant it is to have a      Noun      up your ass, you'd stop pissing me off. If you see me coming, I advise you to      Verb      as fast as you can because your overwhelming stupidity makes me feel      Adjective      and homocidal. I shudder in terror at the prospect of spending any extended amount of time with you yet I can't seem to rid myself of you short of      Verb ending in -ing      you to death and tossing your remains in a      container      (which I am seriously concidering). You would save us both a lot of trouble by either shooting yourself or moving to      Country     .

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