Bacontarians are people who insist on eating large amounts, or sometimes only, bacon. The ideology was created as a response to vegetarianism. I myself know a few Vegans who INSIST that bacon is a vegetable. And who could blame them? With all its sweet, lardy goodness, there is no denying that bacon is the king of meats.

There is a blog of Bacontarians at (
Excerpt: " is dedicated to bringing the wonders of bacon to the world. We are a group of bacon/pork enthusiasts, who firmly believe that bacon and affiliated eats are way underrepresented on-line. We will try and bring you the best recipes, write-ups of parties featuring bacon, or just general porkish rants."

I believe the start of Bacontarianism came from Diesel Sweeties, #931 ( Here's the script:
Indie Rock Pete: What the hell are you eating?
Pale Suzie: Veggie burger with Bacon. The best sandwich ever!
Indie Rock Pete: That's stupid!
Pale Suzie: Stupidly delicious!
Pale Suzie: unless you're all racist against us baco-vegitarians.
Indie Rock Pete: Bacon is a vegetable?
Pale Suzie: Bacon is a vegetable.
Clango: I'm a mammal! Milk's on me!

It is also worthy to note many great influencers of today’s society were named after this fantastic meat, such as actor Kevin Bacon, Renaissance author Sir Francis Bacon, World War Era artist Francis Bacon, and mathematician Roger Bacon.

Also, there is a movie made by Michael Moore titled Canadian Bacon (1995), a satire in which "The U.S. President, low in the opinion polls, gets talked into raising his popularity by trying to start a cold war against Canada." (

There is currently a large debate within the Bacontarian community as to whether Canadian Bacon is in fact bacon. When this debate will be resolved, I do not know. It is my personal belief that Canadian bacon is in fact NOT bacon, but in fact Gammon.

Wow, what a debate. Ok, I do know that bacon is not a vegetable, I was simply referring to Diesel Sweeties. Baconatarianism simply implies the love of bacon, and not any relevance to Vegetarianism. Sorry.

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