This is a development of re-occurring day dreams I have. I seem to suffer from delusions of covert grandeur.

Back to work

The morning had started just like any other. Although this time I had enough time spare to make breakfast even drink a cup of coffee. The sun was shining and the sky was a deep blue. I couldn't help but smile as I stepped out of the house. It's these kinda days that I live for.

I felt like king for the day. There was a bounce in my step and I even found myself whistling a cheerful tune. As with all good days everything falls into line. I bought my train ticket and a second later the train rolls in. The magenta coloured hair girl waits by the signpost as per usual. She notices me but I'm too shy to smile at her. She's not anything special to look at but she looks like she could smile pure sunshine, I love that in a girl. Someone who don't usually smile so when they do it's something special. We take are places on the train.

Ritualistically I grab my PDA and start reading my news. BBC News channel reports that there has been continued trouble in the Balkans. The powder keg that is Macedonia is about ready to blow up. A sour memory flashes into my head but I shake it off. I refuse to let this day be spoilt by bad times. Still I wonder. I kinda figured it's been a long time since Dad gave me a call. I hope he didn't plan on checking up on his kids.

I catch the magenta coloured hair girl's eye for just a brief second which seems like an eternity. I finally break her spell and awkwardly look down and then finally back to my PDA. I catch a grin form on her face from the corner of my eye. Then I notice my reflection the PDA I seem to be smiling too. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so shy.

The ticket inspector seems more preoccupied with a woman who is failing miserably to avoid paying her way. He gives me a quick nod and then continues to pursue the fare dodger further down the carriage. I look out of my window to see the iron bridge and know we're close to Preston. It's time to get ready to leave the train.

As we slow into the station I look at the girl again. I wonder where she's from? Here origins because she has a china white face very fair complexion. A smirk pops up because I catch her with her mouth open again which tempts me to move over and close it for her. My little cousin Christopher used to always do that heck even I used. Why do people do that leave they're mouths open like they're meaning to catch flies?

The pleasure of having such a wonderful day so far continued as I happily cantered to work. I usually have my mini disc player on but today I wanted to hear everything. From the birds singing, the kids being silly on their way to school, the racket being made on the building site.

I enter the office and greet Sue who mans the reception she smiles and asks how I'm doing, I naturally say I'm doing just great but this time I can say it with conviction. Feeling fine and smiling naturally you just can't fake these no matter how you try. You just end up sounding depressed or looking scared when you do.

I swipe into the door and survey my domain. 1st floor operations centre. This is where it happens. This is where we run the game from. As I head to my desk I notice that a uniformed man is walking towards me, he looks deeply worried.

"Corporal Jameson?"
"Uh not anymore Private, I'm no longer on active duty"
"Well consider yourself active again please come with Sir me Father is here."
"Oh jeez Dad is here?"
"Yes Sir."

At my desk is a Captain, two marines and of course Dad. Dad is the first to greet me.

"Hi Mike, it's been while hasn't it?"
"Certainly has General"
"Good to see your handshake is as firm as ever."
"Sir I take it we have some problems?"

It was at this point I notice the entire office is looking at us. I guess you don't tend to get many members of the Armed Forces visiting this place. Let alone armed ones.

"Corporal this is Captain Scott and I believe you've already met Private Ascott"

We all nod and shake hands accordingly. Then one of the marines produces a manila envelope which he hands to me. The other marine uncuffs a metal case and wait for me to accept his quarry.

"Mike we've lost a vital package."
"Oh Jesus. I don't suppose this package happens to have the initials P.M."

The other members of the group with the exception of the General gasp collective.

"Gentlemen it's okay Mike knows we don't wake him for just any old dogs body"
"Now Mike I'd rather brief you further when you arrive at airport. I'll leave you to your own devices all departments are at your disposal."
"Understood sir."
" It's 0915 hrs I will see you at the airport at 1015 hrs. One of the marines will be waiting outside to drive you there."
"Yes Sir"

As soon as the military entourage leave I call Jenny up for a little intel for the theatre of operations.

"Hi Jenny"
"Well Sir it's been a long time since we've heard from you"
"Yes it has, Dad woke me up."
"Jenny, I'm going to need a pretty up to date weather report for Macedonia and surrounding areas"
"Right away sir"

There's a pause as Jenny interrogates the database.

"Sir, the forecast is storms. The outlook is bad for the rest of the week. I'm sorry Sir."
"It's okay Jenny it's not as if you make the weather! You have a good day ma'am"
"You too Sir"

A quick rummage through the envelope reveals the ultimate "sick note". A letter from the Ministry of Defense explaining my leave is a matter of national security and is effective immediately. I walk over to my teamlead's desk who still seems surprised by the congregation around my desk. I simply explain that he needs to read the letter and that I expect to be back in 3 weeks time. Trancelike he accepts the letter and continues to stare at me.

On my way out of the office I make a call on my cellular fone to the nursery. It was time to gather my team.

"Hello matron this is Corporal Mike"
"Good morning Sir I take it you'll be wanting to wake the other kids"
"Yes ma'am"
"Any particular ones Corporal?"
"Get me two geeks and a handful of bullies"
"Very good Sir"

I could've sworn it was going to be a good day. I guess I was mistaken. Oh well back to work.

Dad - Head of Operations
Weather report - An assessment of the theatre of operation by the Military Intelligence.
Kids - Other sleepers. Military personnel placed in deep cover.
Geeks - Electronics/Signals specialist.
Bullies - Assault team, close quarters combat specialists Yes you too can play at sounding mysterious and covert! Keep it real cats!

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