A parody of both South Park and Babylon 5, Babylon Park features South Park-style animation (and some of the same character archetypes) in a B5 setting, with twists from other Science Fiction TV series.

It was the end of innocence for five young beings in a galaxy torn by strife. Forced to live in a giant tin can in space, they did what only came naturally... eating Cheezy Spoo and kicking ass.

The voice talent may well be familiar to fans, including Wayne Alexander, Robin Atkin Downes, Patricia Tallman, Jeffry Willereth and Maggie Egan.

So far, I know of three "episodes" on two tapes, with (apparently) a third being completed:

The third tape will spoof Farscape under the name of "Farspank".

Outside link: http://www.babylonpark.com/ (since External Hard Links don't work)

Highly Recommended.

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