Baby Sham plays the role of the token cute young guy in the Flipmode Squad, a really cheesy rap ensemble.
The Flipmode Squad is headed up by Busta Rhymes, an extremely talented writer and innovater who has been known in the past to produce some good shit but who has fallen off extremely in recent times, largely due in part to the lameless of the aforementioned "squad".

Other key players in the Flipmode Squad are: Rampage, Lord Have Mercy and Spliff. All of these guys have done some dope shit in the past (check out Busta Rhymes' The Coming), but have now become a bunch of mediocre rap artists who have memorable voices and not-so-memorable rhymes.

The Flipmode Squad has attempted to fill some kind of marketable standard format by also including a token hot chick named Rah-Digga, a few other random thug-looking fellas and of course, Baby Sham, the little guy. His actual presence on the Flipmode Squad's album is questionable; he and the Rah-digga chick each get a track on which they are 'featured', and otherwise maybe have a few key background vocals here and there.

(not to be confused with baby cham.)

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