Baby Bowser is the child manifestation of the primary antagonist (King Bowser Koopa) of Nintendo's Mario series.

Baby Bowser's first appearance was in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, which takes place in Super Mario Bros. past. The stork is delivering Mario and Luigi to their parents, but for some unknown reason Baby Bowser decides that his servant Kamek should go and steal the babies.

Kamek grabs Luigi but misses Mario, who plummets to the island below where he's befriended by Yoshis.

Baby Bowser's anti-Yoshi attacks for the final battle include jumping on Yoshi to dethrone Mario, and then riding him around.

Favorite quote:

After Yoshi defeats Baby Bowser, Kamek uses his powers to increase the fallen king's size to enormous proportions, and the battle continues.

Baby Bowser's next appearance is in Yoshi's Story, where he steals a Super Happy Tree. The final battle includes wooden-spike ceiling and Baby Bowser riding long green ghosts flying through the air. He drops bombs on Yoshi that Yoshi promptly returns, ending his reign (or not if you want Yoshi to lose) once again.

Baby Bowser's lack of integration into the storyline as the game progresses leaves him as a very uninteresting character whose appearance as primary antagonist in the Yoshi series is just a novelty item. In the other Mario games the player is constantly reminded of the presence of Adult Bowser be it through fighting him repeatedly (Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 64) or fighting his children (Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World). We await a more "involved" Baby Bowser in the Yoshi games to come.

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