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Astronomy · Biochemistry · Cancer Research · Disease Control · Ecology · Factorisation
Games Theory · Hydrogen Clean Power · Image Rendering · Joint Academic Research
Knowledge Expert Systems · Language, Natural · Mathematics · Number Theory · Orbital Mechanics
Protein modelling · Quantum Physics · Research in Clean Energy · Sudoku mapping · Telecommunications theory
Universe modelling · Vector analysis · Weather & Climate Modelling
Xtraterrestrial Life search · Yet More Medicine · Zoology

Download the BOINC client, then /msg wertperch to join the group

This group is for anyone who uses BOINC clients (or who wants to use their computer to support research) to share in distributed computing projects. Largely it's to gather us together in one place, and possibly to boast about our (or rather, our computers') achievements!

BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) is a project designed to enable computationally demanding scientific research to be carried out by a network of small computers. It supports projects from searching for extraterrestrial intelligence through supporting mathematical research into number theory, to medical research (cancer cures, drug interactions and protein analysis) and environmental research (climate change).

There is a list of BOINC projects by research area for those who want to run more than one project. In fact, BOINC personnel recommend running at least two projects, in case the primary project runs out of work. wertperch runs World Community Grid as his main project, and up to ten others as backups.

We encourage you to join the Everything2 team at all of your projects. We've set up a team in the name of Everything2 Noders at each project we've joined, and many others too. Details and statistics are available at BOINCStats. The World Community Grid team is set up here in case you're interested.

If you are a member of a project that doesn't have an Everything2 Noders team, feel free to make one, and let us know!

BOINC-related websites
Download BOINC client
Boinc Account Manager Sign-up
List of projects (not always up to date)
Link to BOINC News
List of BOINC-related writeups
BOINC   About the BOINC distributed computing system
BOINC Account Manager   A good way to join and control multiple projects
World Community Grid   Forthcoming
SETI@Home   Search for ExtraTerrestrial Life   Runs climate models
Cancer over Aliens   Reasons not to run SETI

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