Password removal procedures: ----------------------------*

Depending on the system type,we can classify a lot of different BIOS software removers but they all depend on one thing: you must have post password login access. That's why it is better to try the default passwords first. Those are installed by the manufacturer in order to help people that lost their passwords. Here are some defaults:



Award BIOS:

589721,589589,ALFAROME,AWARD,award,AWARD_SW,AWARD?SW,AWARD_PW, bios,BIOS, BIOSTAR,BIOSSTAR,j262,j256,Syxz,SER,SKY_FOX,aLLy,awkward,HLT,LKWPETER,lkwpeter

Phoenix BIOS:


There are also some bugs on computers, for example: IBM Aptiva will clear the password if you press both mouse buttons during the boot process. Toshiba's laptops can bypass the BIOS password if you press the left shift button on the keyboard while booting. Also, on AMI BIOS, version 1.19 and older , if you hold the END key while booting you will delete all BIOS information and the BIOS boot password.

If you put a password on your BIOS setup and forget it there are couple of things you can try:

  • Grab your motherboard manual and find how to reset your CMOS. Usually it involves changing a DIP switch and powering on your computer briefly. Beware that this procedure not only resets your password, but all of your BIOS settings.
  • Apparently1 the same effect can be achieved by taking out your clock battery. I've never tried it - so I don't know whether this works.

  • 1 This was indeed true. Thanks.

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