A short story by Jack London about a bad tempered dog named Bâtard and his equally cruel owner the Frenchman Black Leclère. The major question of the story is why these two characters hang around each other. Bâtard bites Black Leclère whenever he can and Black Leclère beats the poor dog. But in spite of this, they are inseparable. All of Black Leclère friends say he should kill the dog, but he is obsessed with overpowering it. Bâtard’s instincts, must tell him to run away from such a bad master, but he keeps coming back (probably for the same reason.)

In true London fashion nature wins out in the end Black Leclère dies at the jaws of his own dog.

This is a wonderfully grim tale set in a cold northern prospecting city. It’s about hate, and oddly enough, love.

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