Axiom of Transnational Progressivism

John Fonte published recently a description of this particular beast sadly I cannot link to it here.

A political concept. This Idea is based on the foundations of Liberal Democracy. A lot of people blame liberalism, lack of morality and the loss of traditional societal values and many other things for western cultures decline and its decent into 'hell'. It is possible that an idea of Transnational Progressivism is an attempt to help avoid your mind throwing the baby out with the bathwater so to speak and not converting to a total enemy of the modern liberal ideal. Anyways Transnational Progressivism is a ideology with the following characteristics.

    1) You are a member of a Group: Be it black, white, young, old, male or female, homosexual or straight and many others. Importantly, you are either an oppressor or a victim in your group, be it a ethnic minority or any sort of marginalised group in society.

    2) Within job professions, imbalances must be altered to reflect the actual proportions of the groups in society. Meritocracy is undermined but failing to act in this way is against the goals of equality and fairness.

    3) The views of all groups within a country must be equally represented within the countries institutions no matter what loyalty the actual groups have to the country itself.

    4) Assimilation of immigrants is immoral and anti-diversity, A multicultural framework of plurality of cultures and groups is the solution.

    5) A countries democratic system must represent citizens and non-citizens equally with respect to rights and suffrage. Governments must reflect a power sharing of the groups within a society not a majority rule system.

    6) Removal of traditional Nationalism, "I am not Irish, nor Dutch nor Greek - I am a European, I feel nationalism to be petty." - such comments are common now among the youth and reflect the greater deconstruction of the national entity. The broad convergence and flattening of local law, custom and boundaries by such institutions as the EU have accelerated this process. Educational textbooks become more politically correct.

    7) Promotion of Global Governance. Increase the power of transnational groups that can bring pressure on governments such as Human Rights Groups, Environmental and anti-globalisation groups.

    8) The Scientific Establishment must realise to express opinions or publish research that may indicate that all people are not created equal but are somehow biologically different is unethical, particularly if an ascribed victim group is mentioned in such research.

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