Aviat Husky Powerplant: horizontally opposed engine Lycoming O-360-C1G Horsepower: 180 Range: 696 nautical miles Top speed: 126 kts Stall speed: 36 kts Cruise speed at 75% power: 121 kts Cruise speed at 55% power: 113 kts Take off distance: 200 ft Landing distance: 350 ft Rate of climb 1,500 ft/minute Service ceiling: 20,000 feet MSL Empty weight: 1190 lbs Gross weight: 1800 lbs Wingspan 35.5 ft Length: 22.58 ft Height: 6.58 ft Makes a great aircraft to put on floats, skis or tundra tires for bush flying. It has plenty of power for its size. Seating is for 2 people in a tandem configuration. It is a high wing aircraft with conventional landing gear (tail dragger). I wouldn't mind having one of these in my hangar, but I will have to settle for a Cessna 150 for the time being. Source http://www.aviataircraft.com/aircraft/husky_perf.htm

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