...stretches fingers...

Hokay, so, here we go again. An Olympus digital camera ships with a fucking worm, that spreads via Autorun. How many worms is this now? Is anyone counting? Microsoft, are you fucking listening? Autorun. Again. Or Autoplay, if you're calling it that, this week.

You know, I don't give a four-phase fat flying fuck what you call the goddamn stinking misbegotten crock of a misfeature, I just want it gone. It's been causing problems since Windows 95. Windows 98? Still there. Windows ME? Still there. Windows 2000? No change! Windows XP? Expanded, enhanced, and still there. Windows Vista? This goddamned excrescence is still here. Windows 7? Come the cunting hell on, haven't we learned anything yet?

Is there anyone, anywhere from here to fucking 51 Pegasi that actually wants this stupid misfeature? No? SO FUCKING BALEET IT, NUMBNUTS.

I am so sick and tired of doing this particular kitty-cat dance, disabling Autorun only to have some damned thing turn it back on oh so helpfully, then being bitten by a worm because I didn't notice. I have had it up to my eyeballs. Also, all you Unix desktop folks: pay attention, big lesson here. Do not emulate this stupid disgusting wart. Autorun is evil and rude. Every time there's a fucking worm outbreak thanks to this thing, I become sorely tempted to drown the unmitigated fuckwit that developed it in molten uranium!

This is part of the reason why geeks react with fear and loathing at the thought of sysadminning large Windows networks. Not because it's hard, or even mindless, but because it seems like every time you turn around, some dubiously "helpful" Microsoftian misfeature becomes a malware vector. Now, I won't call Apple blameless here, but has anyone ever noticed that their whizzy improvements usually make things better not worse? Their OS doesn't arbitrarily execute some random file it finds stuck onto a random storage device. It doesn't silently and automagically install a feckin' rootkit when you stick in what appears to be a music CD. Neither does Linux, at least, not any distro I've ever used.




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