Context: Australia, postcode, Australia Post

The Australian system of postal codes consist of a four-digit number that identifies a delivery area (usually a suburb defined by the appropriate geographical names authority within each state), post office boxes or a large volume receiver (e.g. univiersities, the Australian Taxation Office) assigned by Australia Post.

The first digit of the postcode usually identifies the Australian state or territory of the delivery area. For general-use postcodes these are:

0800-0899 Northern Territory
2000-2999 New South Wales
2600-2699 Australian Capital Territory
3000-3999 Victoria
4000-4999 Queensland
5000-5799 South Australia
6000-6799 Western Australia
7000-7799 Tasmania

For large volume receivers and some post office boxes, the postcodes are under a different scheme:

0900-0999 Northern Territory
0200-0299 Australian Capital Territory
1000-1999 New South Wales
8000-8999 Victoria
9000-9999 Queensland
5800-5999 South Australia
6800-6999 Western Australia
7800-7999 Tasmania

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