I've been fairly lousy at posting any of my writing for the past few years, and I think I'd like to start remedying the situation by getting back into this wonderful collective of odd and eccentric folks!
So here goes:
How Rude
As I fled these titilizing little tidbits of pre/post metatarsal bliss confined to that which we call sick or dim wit, I start to tick.I'm compelled and asked by myself what I thought I might ever have once thought that might one day be overtly complicated by never thought or want of nought. Why just comply? So I end up telling lies to deceive my own conscience, breaking out the continents- Pangaea and its consequence.
Bridges built up, torn/ravaged/burned outwardly down, we look onward hardly upwards fill in what we've found with all we we'd lost only recovery comes from the boss that tells us precisely what we could have thought on our own all along. Preponderance wanderings amongst those so equally lost at all costswe consverve and revert the laws past down from depths of hell and high water bars conservatives pretending to be conservationists but end up just creationists, who dial back an agenda towards a full theocracy that they'd had in their pocket filed under mediocrity. I find it a pity.
Witty banter rings on high true blue to the written word, ya heard? Tied up in a quest to bequeath a brand new shinty thing upon those least willing to appreciate. They decide to pro-rate end consumers and get screwed by the same damn dude.

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