Really it's August 29, 2010 but who cares? This date seemed lonely and I have decided to fill the lonely days.

I just finished reading everything Suckapant wrote here. Well, everything that is left anyway. The catbox archive has no recorded things from him. He sounded interesting. After the bullshit clears, after I stop noding, after I move on, it'll be things like this that make me come back. Everyone knows that the world is filled with amazing things. E2 just has a higher concentration of these things; kind of like left handed people in baseball teams.

I've met and read so many people in my two years here and even then I am still discovering not just nodes but even people. It reminds me that E2 is huge. E2 has been around for almost 11 years. That is a lot of people that have come and gone. When I find the users of yesteryear that have no nodes remaining, or never wrote, I always peek into their scratch pads, hoping for hidden treasure. Sometimes I find some. It is their forgotten legacy. Things they never had the confidence to share or things that were deleted. Sometimes I find things from people who had taken their words away with them and it makes me smile, thinking they would forget.

Sometimes I hope they did it on purpose. I like to send them messages. In case they come back, they'll know someone has been reading.

Well, it seems full enough, onto the next lonely day.

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