My dear beloved friends at E2:

I haven't been noding nor really checking in for quite some time. Sadly, my dad's gone into Hospice and it's only a matter of weeks before his demise. He's getting weaker and weaker and has given up his wonderful attitude. There's just nothing anyone can do to cheer him up; he feels so weak.

I see him every day for at least two hours. The tension my trips (an hour there and back, too) has caused in my marriage and work-life is incredible.

Thus, I just wanted to check in with everyone and tell you that I'm doing the best I can (and praying a lot - for strength).

I miss you all and will return as soon as things get back to a semblance of normalcy in my life.

Love and best regards,


It's been a long time since I have thrown my limited creativity into the nodegel for the sake of delivering to others my point of view.
Never the less, today I must announce that I turn 21. 21 is a prized and magical number for american citizens. It's the day that denotes sufficient maturity to consume alcohol, recieve lower insurance rates, and all that other stuff.
This is quite a somber day for myself, though. It's all downhill from here. In this big unfriendly town called Nashvegas, my only friends are the ones I work with, and even then we've only known each other for about five months.

It's almost inconciveable to imagine how quickly five months has come and gone. Five months, or for that matter, the past entire year. Time is absolute, but - I'm sorry, I was just interrupted. Where was I?
Oh yes, Time is absolute, but the perception of time is relative. When you're busy and you're active, time seems to pass more rapidly than normal. This has always been the double edge sword that I've tried to cope with.

Either way, Universe 2.0 needs a 'time scale' slider.

I think tonight, I'll stop and pickup some random breezer or wine cooler or beer or whatever (I havn't had much beer in the past, I've always been a pretty easy going 'let's not break too many rules' type of guy). Go home, sit down at my computer, play a few hours of Eve Online, go to bed and wake up tomorrow to do the same thing I did today.

Life. For better or worse. Is good.

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